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Comal County Habitat for Humanity Home Repair Program

Comal County Habitat for Humanity strives to bring strength, stability and self-reliance to our community through an array of housing solutions, which includes a range of repairs to existing owner-occupied residences. Comal County Habitat provides affordable home repairs on homes owned and occupied by people of limited income. Our repair program is not an emergency program.

This program serves a variety of homes. Based on qualification and eligibility, free-standing, single family homes, duplexes, condos, and mobile homes (decks/ramps & landscape ONLY) are all eligible. The home must be owner-occupied.

Repair examples include:

  • Exterior Paint
  • Landscaping
  • Ramp access to primary entrance
  • Hand rail/porch repair at primary entrance
  • Grab bars/accessibility issues in bathroom
  • Tub to shower walk-in conversion
  • Air conditioning work
  • Air conditioning window unit installation
  • Repair draft areas in windows/door
  • Exterior home preservation (windows, gutters, entry doors, etc.)
  • Floor repairs (excludes leveling and/or foundation repair)
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical


Our basic qualifications for the Home Repair Program are as follows:

  • Must own and occupy home
  • Need for repair
  • Ability to pay
  • Willingness to partner


 The home must be in substandard condition in regards to structural deficiency, safety, or weatherization concerns. 


Upon acceptance into the program, approved homeowners must agree to a payment plan. Homeowners are expected to begin making payments immediately. Homeowners must be current with payment plan to remain eligible for services. In addition to the homeowner's ability to pay, ownership of the home must be stable, meaning...

  • The homeowner must provide proof that their yearly income is 30%-75% Median Family Income for their household size. Use the chart below to see the income limits for your household size.
  • You must not be in danger of bankruptcy, being condemned, foreclosure, or more than 2 months behind on mortgage payments.
  • Bank statements must reflect sound financial stability.

2020 Income Limit for Comal County

    # of People         Annual Income Limit         # of People         Annual Income Limit    
1 $37,800 4 $54,000
2 $43,200 5 $58,320
3 $48,600 6 $62,640


A willingness to partner with us includes the following:

  • Submitting required documents to us in a timely manner
  • Accommodating site assessments
  • Assisting with repairs to the best of your abilities
  • Participating in program evaluation
  • Allowing Comal County Habitat for Humanity to share your story with sponsors and volunteers
  • Sweat equity - homeowners and/or their friends and family must complete four hours of sweat equity for every $1,000 of repair work



Comal County Habitat for Humanity’s Home Repair Program provides a solution for low-income households living in substandard conditions. Homeowners in need of repairs that meet eligibility requirements are encouraged to apply.

Please note: Comal County Habitat for Humanity is an independent nonprofit organization and is under no obligation to report homeowners or households to the city or any other governing bodies.

Our mission is to create long-term, affordable housing solutions and empower homeowners with the tools they need to reclaim their homes with pride.

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