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July 17, 2018

July 7, 2018

A little rain never hurt anyone! I woke up to the sound of rain on my window this morning and didn't think we were going to build. We had a very productive day. We had a (New Braunfels) Women Build group show up to volunteer.  We had a group that painted the trim and touch ups around the house.  We had an amazing couple that painted the top trim and spent the whole time on ladders. I later found out that Laura was not part of the women's build.  She and her husband Trey were individual volunteers. He's an ER doctor and she is an x-ray technician and I was the lucky one that they decided to bless today with their hard work.  We also had a crew building me a ramp for my shed and another crew making me a concrete step for my side door. There was another group inside the house getting the floor and bathrooms ready for installation and sheetrock for next week.  My sidekick (aka my dad) was there helping everywhere he was needed. He painted,  did some caulking, and of course (his favorite) swept the house of all the mud we brought in. Love you, dad. It was so humid and hot today so I greatly appreciate each and every one of the volunteers that showed up. Not only did they donate the Saturday, for most of them they donated their muddy tennis shoes also!  I'm sorry ladies - I hope they were your old pairs! It also feels good when the regular volunteers thank me for showing up and working. No...thank you for showing me what to do and being the examples of great people that donate your time. Feeling blessed and excited! 

June 30, 2018

Today the was a beautiful overcast with a little bit of breeze. I was blessed with a big volunteer group from Puffer-Sweiven. This was a group of hard-working individuals. The second coat of paint was done on the house, the fascia and finished off the gables. Others did caulking on windows or siding where needed. A huge thank you to all of the volunteers for coming out and volunteering their Saturday to help me and Mariah get that much closer to finishing our house. Your time is greatly appreciated. Great day and the house is looking amazing! Feeling thankful. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                               June 16th, 2018

Today, I had "Friends and Family" build day. We were expecting bad weather but we were blessed with a beautiful day. I had 9 people show up to build and we got a lot accomplished. We painted the fascia around the entire house, the window frames, the pillars on the front porch... that was my group! My second group worked on the fences and put up post(s) and finished digging the holes to finish the side fence. My third group finished up the siding on the side and back of the house. We did half of the front of the house (and left) just the (other) half the front of the house needing siding. After we were done building and cleaning my mom was kind enough to make food for all the volunteers and my friends and family. I didn’t realize it until a friend brought it up that it was my first party at MY HOUSE! Wow, what an amazing feeling. The first of many! I was overwhelmed with emotion from all of the efforts and hard work my family did that day. Words can’t explain how grateful and thankful I was to have such great people in my life.



 June 2, 2018 

This morning I arrived at the jobsite without a volunteer group to assist with today’s build (only the regular volunteers were there). I have to admit, I was a little discouraged because I didn’t think we would get much done without the help of others. Well I was WRONG.  My dad started sweeping the inside of the house because he says “you work better in a clean environment.”  I was put on fence duty and started helping Dan Chapman. We started on the side of the fence. My dad joined us after he finished sweeping the house. We finished fairly quickly so we started doing the back fence. I learned how to use spacers to make sure the boards are lined up; I used the ramset hammershot for a few boards... and did a lot of walking and carrying the boards. Perry (aka "Mr. Saw Man") said “don’t bring too many boards - you don’t want to have to carry them back when you leave.” He was surprised when we finished all the boards we had cut and then started another pile of boards. He told me at the end of the day it was a pleasure working with such a hard-working homeowner. That made me feel pretty proud of myself and to see that I am building Mariah’s (my daughter's) home.

I also met Mrs. DeeDee to pick out my landscaping... that is when I got emotional again. The flowers are going to be so colorful and beautiful. I was working so hard and didn’t even go inside the house until we were cleaning up! That’s when I saw I have a shower, Mariah has a tub, we have a front door and light fixtures. It was amazing to see how hard everyone worked that day and we accomplished so much with just a handful of us there. Feeling blessed!  



Saturday April 7, 2018 

                April 7th was the first day we started building my Habitat Home with Premier Dental by my side (again)! We had already built the house frame in the parking lot of Premier Dental. I remember the two freezing cold and rainy days that we spent building the frame to my house with perfect strangers. Needless to say, by the end of the day they were all my special friends. I remember thinking (about) what kind & selfless people they were to be out there working in the cold on their knees for most of the day. To see Dr. Morales and Dr. Massa on the truck loading the frames... WOW! All (of) this (was) for me and Mariah! I couldn’t thank them enough for their time and sacrificing their Saturday to build with me instead of staying at home in their warm cozy bed. So today (April 7th) we unloaded the frames that we put together with all the beautifully decorated donated studs. I learned how to use the ramset hammershot that goes through the concrete. We finished the outside house frame. As I was leaving, I took a picture to show Mariah and that is when it hit me … my dream was starting to become a reality. Thank you, Premier Dental!

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