An Evening in Paris:The story of "Home is Where the Heart is"

March 29, 2017

Red wine, French cream puffs and dim lighting paired with the soft laughter of the guests made for an exceptionally exquisite and well executed evening.  

The evening started at Seekatz Opera House, the venue was beautifully decorated with greenery, umbrellas and lace, which created a certain je ne sais quoi. The guests mingled, enjoyed the catered food and became one with the ambience.

 From there the guests transitioned to the historic Brauntex Theatre to enjoy the 1958 Parisian film, “Gigi”.

During the intermission, a live auction of donated items was up for bid, the generosity created a very energetic and uplifting climate in the theatre. While guests voiced their bid, they enjoyed a delectable cream filled French pastry accompanied by an adult beverage.

 Throughout the evening, guests were able to bid on silent auction items. After the live auction guests continued watching the second half of the film to conclude the evening.

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