The Avila Family's Habitat Story

March 22, 2017

Mother of three, hardworking, driven to succeed and Habitat homeowner are just a few of the wonderful ways to describe Monica Avila. Monica graduated in 2002 and since has acquired several jobs from selling lunch plates, waitressing, assisting a photographer to now being a Deli Representative at the local HEB and all to support her three children: Mariah, Katrina and Xavier. 

A close coworker of Monica’s told her of the Homeownership Orientation hosted by Comal County Habitat for Humanity, and instantly Monica was determined to attend. From orientation through the entire application process Monica excelled, which later proved she was ready for homeownership and accepted Habitat’s offer to partner in building her a Habitat home.

Today her aspiration and energy for upward mobility in the job ladder also translates into her enthusiasm, desire, and drive to be a homeowner. When the Avila family is not hard at work making their dreams of home ownership come true (as families have to complete 350 hours of sweat equity through building and volunteering), the family enjoys spending quality time together.

“When I went in to apply for Habitat I never would have dreamed of actually moving to the next round nor being one of the three families to get accepted. I instantly thanked God for this amazing blessing. I felt like it was a dream and I needed to be woken up. Then I started my next steps working on my hours and waiting to get a lot. After my frame was on my lot and my foundation was poured it still felt surreal to me. Seeing my walls go up and all the amazing volunteers come each week brought tears to my eyes. Now that I walk through my house seeing the progress go from a single lot to now my very own home, is still amazing to me. It has hit me a little but I think once we sleep our first night in our home it will hit me that this is what I worked so hard on. It just shows me being a single mother, working as hard as I can, thinking I couldn't ever get my dream of being a homeowner to now having it here in front of me just shows me hard work pays off.”

The family thanks each and every one of the volunteers and donors for their dedication and hard work in making their dream of homeownership come true. Monica says "The first thing I want to do when I move into my new home is have the house blessed and have a big gathering."

Lending a Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

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