Sponsor a Stud


Gary's family needs your support to build their Habitat home.

YOU can leave your mark in Comal County by sponsoring a stud (2x4 piece of wood) for a donation of $200. It takes over 300 studs to build a Habitat home. 

Stud sponsorships are open to anyone - businesses, groups, organizations, schools, YOU... the possibilities are endless! Your sponsorship may be eligible for a tax deduction.

As a stud sponsor you will get to pick up the stud(s) and decorate them any way you like (with a few restrictions).  You may want to place your company logo, write a special message to the family, draw a picture or simply sign your name.  You also have the option of having Comal County Habitat for Humanity decorate the stud for you.

Return the stud(s) to us by November 7th and you will be invited to a special preview party where you will see where your stud(s) ended up in the framework of the home.  You will also meet Gary, his children and the lives you impacted with your generous donation.

Click on button below to sponsor your stud today! Studs are available to pick up at the Comal County Habitat for Humanity offices at 1269 Industrial Drive, Tuesday – Friday 9 am-5 pm and Saturdays 9 am - 4 pm until October 7th.

Read Gary's family story here. If you have any questions please call Communications Manager Alan Rubiola at 830-625-4025 ext. 213 or email

Lending a Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

Major Sponsors help us build homes in Comal County