Homeowner Update: Tina

May 28, 2021

Homeowner Update: Tina

A one year builder’s warranty is provided to all of our Habitat families after their home is complete and they officially become homeowners. Six months after moving in we meet with our families to walk through the home and see if there are any issues or repairs that need to be addressed. We recently met up with Habitat homeowner Tina for her 6 month check in and sat down to see how she was navigating homeownership. 

Tina is a first time homeowner so we asked her to tell us how she feels about owning a home of her own. “I love it! I’ve been blessed. I have a lot of compliments. A lot of people still come by and tell me ‘Your house is beautiful, they did an awesome job’.” She took us on a tour of her home, showing us how she has decorated. In each room you can see that the tiniest details have been considered. She has been hanging up pictures and laying rugs, paying extra attention to make her home feel comfy. 

Homeowner Update: Tina

When asked what she liked most about her new home, Tina thought back on her previous home and how different it was. “I’m warm. I have air conditioning, I have a heater and I never had one. All those years I used my stove for a heater. It’s very exciting, it’s something new to me. Sometimes I just sit here and I look at it. It really happened, it came to reality. It came true and I love it.”

While heat and air conditioning are certainly important, sometimes it’s the little things that can make a house feel like a home. “I love saying I’m coming home! I love it, especially my doorbell.” Tina explains, “I never had a doorbell. People come and they knock and I say Don’t you know I have a doorbell? Let me shut (the door) and we’ll do it again.” 

If you would like to learn more about Tina’s family story and her journey to homeownership, you can read her story here: https://www.comalhabitat.org/construction/tinas-family-home 


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