One Year Later: Stephenie

February 03, 2021

Homeowner Update: Stephenie G.

When a Habitat family gets the keys to their home and are officially homeowners, their story is only just beginning! There are so many people involved with the home building process and it can take years before we get to the final home closing date. All of our volunteers, sponsors, donors and community supporters want to know how the families are doing in their Habitat home! We regularly connect with our families to discuss general house related issues, but every so often we reach out to get updates about their family. 

We recently met with one of our homeowners, Stephenie, who closed on her home just one year ago. When asked to describe how her life had changed over this past year since becoming a homeowner, she said “Our lives have changed for the best of course. It is almost impossible to describe in words how we are feeling. It's a relief knowing we have a place to come home to. There's peace and comfort under this roof and everyday is like a dream.”

Stephenie lives in her home with her son, Nicholas, and even though they have lived in their home for only one year, together they have made some great memories! “My favorite memory is watching Nicholas' virtual high school graduation class of 2020 in our own home. He was all dressed up in his cap and gown. I decorated the house, and we celebrated as he walked across the living room. It was so much fun and we all laughed and cried our happy tears!” 

For Nicholas, his favorite memory was their first night in the home. “We got the keys that day and packed up some belongings to sleep over.” Stephenie went on to say “Nicholas camped out in his tent in the living room while I was in my room on an air mattress. We were super excited and had a great time!” 

The word “home” can have many different meanings for families. It could be a physical dwelling, or it could be a feeling you get when you’re with your loved ones. We always ask our Habitat families what home means to them. For Stephenie “Home, means we belong.”

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