Faith Build 2017- Marcelina's Home


Faith Build 2017: Hernandez Home

Hernandez Family Biography

Marcelina Hernandez is a single mother of three beautiful children, a son, Joe Ray, a daughter, Jenae, and a second daughter, Jiana. Since the loss of her stepfather, she and her family have been living with her mother in New Braunfels, Texas. Their current living situation is a little on the chaotic side. Marcelina and her children all share a bedroom and space is limited. The family has little room to store their personal belongings.

 Marcelina first heard of Comal County Habitat for Humanity through the Ramirez family when she was much younger. Home ownership is very important to her because it provides a stable roof over her family’s head and helps build closer relationships with each other. She knows that this journey will provide a wonderful learning experience for her children and serve as a tool in teaching them how much hard work can truly pay off.

The Hernandez family is very excited for their new home. They look forward to finally having their own space for entertainment and family time, but most importantly, privacy. The first thing Marcelina plans to do when they move in is create their own individually personalized stepping stones with each of their handprints in remembrance of their new beginning in their new home. Since Marcelina and her family live with her mother, she is blessed to have her take care of most of the cooking and meals, however, Marcelina is looking forward to preparing and cooking their first dinner together in their new home.

Marcelina has found this process to be very rewarding. Since joining the Comal County Habitat for Humanity family, it has been a blessing to see all of the families further along in the process receive their homes. This only inspires more excitement and anticipation for their future. The most challenging part of this program for Marcelina is finding time to complete her sweat equity. Coordinating a sitter for Joe Ray, Jenae and Jiana can occasionally present itself as a problem! During her free time, Marcelina loves finding new places to explore and enjoy with her family.

Marcelina has already set goals for her family and their life in their new home. She wants for them to all work together as a team through everything that comes their way. She also plans to have a more structured lifestyle for her children and time set aside for family meals, game nights and activities. In 5 years, Marcelina hopes to see her children growing and striving for an education. She does not want them to face the same struggles that she once encountered, but instead find new ways to overcome obstacles together as a family.

One of Marcelina’s greatest accomplishments is her acceptance of living her life as a single mother. She has seen many women choose to stay in bad relationships for the sake of not having to parent alone and they’re miserable. Marcelina has overcome this fear with the help of God and her respect for His greater plan for herself and her family.

Living in New Braunfels is a joy for the Hernandez family.  Marcelina’s favorite thing about her hometown is meeting all of the new visitors and vacationers in the summertime. She loves how fast New Braunfels is growing and can’t wait to see her family grow with it. Marcelina and her family are so excited to see how their new home will bring them closer together and the difference that homeownership will make. They can only imagine the blessings they will receive throughout this journey with Habitat for Humanity.

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