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Job Description:  CCHFH ReStore Materials Manager

Reports to:  CCHFH Executive Director


Implements and drives programs for ReStore donations, purchases, sales, marketing and management to generate revenue for CCHFH.  Develops long-term, collaborative relationships with community based trades/business groups, churches, donors and others to secure donations and raise awareness of CCHFH mission in the community.




  • Be a Team Player; understand role in bigger CCHFH Mission & how work affects other areas.
  • Recruit, train, and retain volunteers.  Ensure positive interactions with all volunteers
  • Drive donations, sales and profits of the ReStore to further the local affiliate mission.
  • Analyze potential donations and impact of procurement to CCHFH net profit
  • Ensure solicited donations are picked-up in a timely manner
  • Acquire purchased goods as required to maximize profits; ensure we only purchase items with a high return on investment and/or those items required to attract customers to store
  • Seek out sponsors/donors for future ReStore expenditures (trucks, containers, tools, etc.)
  • Demonstrate outstanding service to customers, donors, volunteers and others
  • Establish and maintain relationships with potential and existing donors, including individuals, businesses, churches and community groups to increase quality/quantity of merchandise donations.
  • Prepare and deliver (or participate in the delivery of) presentations in individual and group settings to create and expand long-term mutually beneficial relationships with current and prospective donors, civic/business organizations, governmental bodies and other non-profit organizations.
  • Understand and communicate to all staff the Key Performance Metrics for ReStore operations and how they relate/contribute to positive customer experience and high quality operations.
  • Ensure ReStore is manned by staff/volunteers with knowledge, skills, and abilities to accomplish sales floor tasks
  • Effectively manage Habitat ReStore assets to ensure safety of employees, volunteers, customers and others, ensuring that licenses and other required information are maintained properly for government bodies and others as appropriate.
  • At least monthly, reviews warehouse and yard inventory and pricing to ensure "stale" items are re-priced or removed
  • Allocates volunteers for building, yard and landscape maintenance on a regular schedule
  • Inspect, evaluate and lead deconstruction projects as required


Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising

  • Participate in developing and implementing a Public Relations Plan to work with local organizations and media to further the mission of Habitat ReStore and local affiliate.
  • Participate in developing, rolling out and measuring marketing and advertising programs to increase donations, sales and volunteer participation.
  • Develop and present proposals to the Executive Director for approval
  • Store items in the ReStore to show to best advantage.
  • Plan utilization of warehouse space to optimize sales
  • Maintains orderly displays of all merchandise



  • Lead ReStore Team in accordance with relevant personnel and safety policies and take steps to ensure staff and volunteers are well versed so that all policies and practices are understood and adhered to.
  • Lead/complete morning meetings for ReStore staff and volunteers prior to store opening; ensure all are aware of day’s priorities, duty assignments (day manager, etc.), pick-up issues, etc. 
  • Maintain positive relations/interactions with all staff and volunteers with a focus on ensuring continued commitment of all personnel.
  • Resolve situations involving volunteers in consultation with the volunteer coordinator and the Executive Director when required.
  • Lead ReStore Public Relations Committee (ReStore PR)


Finance and Administration

  • Provide accurate accounting records of revenues and expenses as required or requested.
  • Work in conjunction with the Executive Director and Finance to develop annual operating budgets and recommend capital expenditures.


Reporting and Communications

  • Provide reports of designated activities including but not limited to: sales, expenses, outreach activities, purchased goods changes, store layout changes and other areas of interest to the ED.
  • Reinforce work and safety practices with staff and volunteers who will be in the facility and property.
  • Report number of cold calls and donor contacts each month (include actions of ReStore PR Committee)
  • Keep ED informed appropriately and timely of operational and financial matters.



  • Ability and willingness to call on existing and potential donors to increase merchandise in the store.
  • Demonstrated ability in training and developing volunteers in a consistent, positive and safety conscious manner.
  • Basic computer skills, including spreadsheets, word processing, presentations and email.
  • Ability to successfully adapt to rapidly changing conditions with unexpected shifts in priorities; anticipating, addressing and solving problems in a sound and positive manner
  • Ethical leadership demonstrating consistent high standards of integrity and accountability.
  • Excellent Leadership skills including: Associate selection recommendations, training, coaching & developing. 
  • Team and relationship builder though positive and effective communications and strong interpersonal skills

able to achieve cooperative, mutually beneficial, long-term relationships

  • Initiative represented by “a sense of urgency” energy, enthusiasm, attention to detail and follow up.
  • Projecting a professional image in speech and demeanor in interactions with others in all situations
  • Ability to safely lift, position up to 50 lbs and safely bend, kneel and reach in awkward or tiring positions.
  • Ability to spend large portion of time standing/walking.


Salary Range:  $14-$16/hr (based on experience)